Simon will be directing Agatha Christie's classic whodunit The Mousetrap for Vertigo Theatre in the fall of 2008. The play, which runs in the Vertigo Playhouse (in the base of the Calgary Tower), begins previews on November 15th and opens November 20th.

He is also beginning work with Downstage's Dog from the Machine performance creation ensemble on a new work premiering in January 2009, which takes place entirely on a bus! For more information, visit Downstage's web site at

Research has begun on Simon's latest play, The Murder of Harry Houdini. A hypotheitcal account of what may have preceeded the events of Houdini's death, this new play also explores the extent to which people will go to protect their own business interests, while also featuring grand illusions and encounters with the spirit world.

Simon is also continuing to work on The World's Worst Freak Show, a satirical musical about the commercialization of art and the dangers associated with fighting for what you believe in. There is no firm timetable for the development of either of these works.

No current projects.

No current projects.

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